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Inspiration Monday

If I’m ever in need of some inspiration and motivation, this is the video I watch:

Today was a new start for me because I ate like crap last week and took too many days off from the gym. Even trainers have bad days.

Today I didn’t want to work out when I got to the gym. I felt tired and sluggish (probably because of the way I ate over the weekend). Luckily, I trained my clients first thing in the morning so I got motivated by working them out. After I completed my workout, which was BOMB Diggity, I felt rejuvenated and ready to tackle my goals this  week/month. 

Listen, if you have a bad day or even a a bad week, no biggy!!! Just start fresh the next day, or even in that moment you realize that you just need a fresh start.   Of course, our goal is to remain as consistent as possible (that’s how we reach our goals), but things happen from time to time, and we’ll eat a little more than we should, not workout has hard as we should or often, but again, that doesn’t mean you’ve failed or you can’t continue reaching for your goals.  

 We slip up from time to time and there is no sense in beating yourself up over it. I sure don’t.